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Not many people know what exactly graphic design is or what it can do for you and your business. Let me give you a little run down of design and how we can work together!​​​​
First of all: What is Graphic Design
For me graphic design is my life and my passion, but obviously that is not the case for everyone. Graphic design is taking thoughts and ideas and making them into visual and tangible elements that represent you. Most often when people think of a graphic designer they think of someone who can make logos, but there is much more to it than that. Graphic design has a variety of items and everyone encounters design in their day to day lives. Graphic design comes in the form of packaging, branding, logos, business cards, fliers, book covers, magazines and so much more.   
How can design benefit me or my business?
As I mentioned design can be a lot of things but it also goes a lot deeper than that. There are psychological elements and ideas that form deep within up and affect the way we interact with a brand or with design in general. There are theories on how color is perceived and what colors or fonts can evoke specific emotions. You want to make sure your brand is conveying the right messages. I act as a middle man of sorts. I will help you realize what values and emotions and thoughts your brand can invoke. Do you want a warm and comforting feel or are you looking for something that is more stiff and rigid. Is your brand friendly, happy, easy going. Having the right type selection or colors and iconography can elevate your message. 
Branding vs. A Logo
A logo is just that until given meaning. For some that idea is sufficient enough, but there is so much more to it than that. People always say things like "Oh can you make a logo real quick." What they do not realize is that, when you ask for a logo you have to know what your company stands for, how you want your company portrayed, what emotions you want your customers to have and more. In order for a logo to be the most effective, you also must utilize the logo. That is where branding comes in. Branding is the art of effortlessly using colors,  fonts, and design elements to highlight your brand and give a sense of cohesion to your company. Branding is strong and supportive of your logo. The logo can stand alone but branding the company makes it an experience. Below is an example of how I have personally implemented the differences in just a logo and branding.

This is an example of just a logo. It is nice on its own but does not give much insight as to what the company is or does. In order for this logo to be the most effective it needs to be implemented with the rest of the brand system developed with it.

The branding images below, you get a much more whole view of the company and its ideas and feelings. They are all complete and coherent with each other. It goes into more depth than the logo alone.

With the overall branding, you can see the cohesion in colors and fonts and how the whole system works together to give the best image of the company. It shows very neutral colors that feel crisp and clean and in touch with nature. This is what branding is and can do. The branding is much more complete and gives a holistic idea of the company. The logo acts as just a piece to the puzzle that ties a brand together. The logo is an important identifier, but branding completes it.
What I Offer
This specific photo was taken by "Thin Threads Photography"
This specific photo was taken by "Thin Threads Photography"
This specific photo was taken by "Thin Threads Photography"
This specific photo was taken by "Thin Threads Photography"
I would love to work with you to create your brand system! I offer full brand systems, a logo package, as well as other items that might be needed for your brand.
Full Brand Package:
• A primary logo
• Alternate versions of your logo
• Design elements
• Specific color pallet 
• Multiple typefaces 
• Brand guidelines and uses

The Logo Package:
• A primary logo
• 1-2 Colors
• Single typeface

Miscellaneous Items:
• Custom packaging (Just say the word!)
• Business cards
• Letter heads
• Various print items
• Environmental graphics
 and more, just ask!

Wedding Package:
• Custom wedding mood board
• Save the Dates
• Wedding invitation suite
• Custom matching monogram logo
Additional Wedding Items:
• Welcome sign
• Seating chart
• Programs
• Other various signage
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