Hi! Im Camie! 
I am a midwest graphic designer. I received my Bachelor's of Fine arts from University of Indianapolis. I am majored in visual communication design with a minor in marketing. I started my design journey as a junior in high school through the New Castle Career Center. My time at NCCC was so amazing and I learned so much and knew I did not want to stop there. I then chose to attend UIndy, where I developed even more skills and ideas as  to what it means to be a designer! I love design and all the different modes of delivery there are. I have a particular interest in branding, packaging, environmental design, and figuring out how things work through design. Design is a huge part of my life and I am always trying to learn more about it. I love seeing my work out in public. There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing something you created in the space it was intended to be in. My friends and family always get a kick out of me studying designs in public but there is honestly no better way to learn. So if you are interested in having you ideas come to life in the space it was intended to be in, then let's chat! 

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