My senior capstone project is a company, Emerald, that I created to study the impacts of plastic packaging. Emerald is a project based on sustainability and green efforts. This project stems from the idea that single use plastics are slowly taking over the world. The consumption of these plastics is creating a larger problem that if not addressed, will create a world simply unlivable. Emerald is a company that focuses on more environmentally friendly products and packaging. Emeralds slogan is clean from the very beginning which tells consumers that the focus is on sustainability in every aspect of what the company stands for, all the way down to the name. The reason I choose this project was because I have an interest in nature and keeping it’s beauty for years to come, But I also have a passion for environmental design as well as packaging which ultimately led me to the basic principles of Emerald and all the ins and out that come along with a project of this scale.
Infographics on sustainability, and sustainable alternatives along with an infographic about what Emerald stands for.
The main purpose of my capstone was packaging. These are the actual box packages that were made.
These are the pieces of the capstone that are labels or tags.
Images from the exhibition where I presented my capstone
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