Pet portraits I have made for freelance clients.
This photo collage was based on the poem "Good Timbers" by Douglas Malloch. Each piece of the gird tells part of the story of the poem literally or thematically. 
This was another favorite project of mine. It was a typographic sculpture. The point of this project was to make a direct comparison of natures beauty and ones own. It spells out beautiful but with a twist that encourages people to "be you". It is made up of silk florals and mirrors to help tie in the over all theme of the piece. 
A series of several book covers I have done. Unfortunately, none of these covers were chosen. Some of the covers are different iterations of the same book.
The above pdf is an annual report I recreated as a part of a classroom project. All of the text and information came from The Ocean Cleanup Annual Report from 2019.
These are a few spreads from a brochure I made for a fictional jam farm. 
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