This is my personal branding system. My person brand is one of my favorite branding projects. It is clean and coherent. It also is unique to me as it my first name is hidden in the icon of my brand. It consists of my own logo, business cards, letter heads, thank you cards, and mailing envelopes. 
This is a ficticious brand design I made. It focuses on packaging and social media posts that show different aspects of the brand. It also highlights the different ways to implement branding and cohesion.
Mystic Bold is a fake tequila brand I created. I really wanted to explore more packaging and using adobe dimension to learn more about product staging, 3D and packaging. 
Metamorphosis Massage is another free lance client project. This company is a massage therapy consultant. She wanted to combine the idea of a butterfly with the idea of a human spine.
Colline d'italia is a fictitious company that I made. It is an Italian wine company. The main focus of this brand was the logo and the letter head, but the bottle mock ups add to the overall quality of the brand. 
This project was a class project. The point of the project was to take an existing company and create a new product kit that included an instruction sheet. Floral Garage was the company I choose. Part of this project was to also include the existing logo, so I did not make the logo but everything else is my work. This project was really fun for me as it was one of the biggest examples of packaging I had gotten to explore.
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